Minoxidil and hair loss

Most commonly known as Rogaine in the market, Minoxidil has been approved by FDA since 1988 as prescription drug to cure the increasing problem for hair loss. Luckily, by 1996 and as of the moment, it can be bought over the counter which caused an increase in popularity of the hair loss treatment.

It started out as a vasodilator or a cure for those people who are suffering with high blood pressure. First known as Loniten, the drug works as it relaxes the veins and arteries to make it easier to pump blood from your heart and make blood easier to flow.

Minoxidil made two versions of hair loss remedies. The first one is the 2% which can be used by both gender but the stronger version which is the 5% is meant especially for men. Test had shown that some women who used the stronger version went through facial hair growth.

On the other hand, you have other options whether to buy the drugs or the tropical solutions. Remember that if you’ll be using the drug you must not stop taking it in any time specified in the instruction. It might cause you serious health issues which will be elaborated along the article. Keep in mind that the solution must be massaged carefully only to the affected hair loss areas.

Mode of action
Since the 5% solution is made especially for men and could cause undesirable growth of facial hair pfor women, it is still important to know what you need to do to get a fuller result with the shaving foam like solution.

It can easily be applied in the scalp but you must wash your hands with cold water since the solution easily melts when it reached the skin temperature. Also, analysis showed that it works best on the crown and mid-scalp area of your head. But remember to read the back label that informs you: “Individual results vary”.

Side effects
Like Finasteride, the other approved hair loss remedies, Minoxidil has its own side effects to consider. Since it is really made to cure high blood, it is highly advised not to stop immediately. Stopping the intake of Minoxidil could dangerously cause a higher blood pressure, anxiousness, and uncomfortable feeling.

Like alcohol, you should not drive or use heavy machinery while under the medication of Minoxidil, because the treatment causes a severe head ache and dizziness. Those reactions can be accompanied with irregular heartbeats, chest pains, and weight gain.

Efficiency meter
User of Minoxidil is advised to check with their doctor first before trying it. It would be best if you’ll be patient because it will take some time before the result will be observed. Some even experience continuous hair loss that is why the label talks to you that results may vary depending on the user.
The relaxation of the blood vessel caused by the medication is clinically approved to increase the supply of blood in the follicles causing the growth of hair.

Minoxidil is different to other vasodilator available in the market since it is the only one that can cure hair loss and at the same time cure high blood.