Which one are the best Hair Loss Remedies for you?

The number of people suffering from hair loss increases yearly. As of the moment, men in America who are experiencing male pattern of baldness or androgenetic alopecia are over 35 to 40 million. The reason why men are more prone to hair loss than women is hereditary factors.

The demand for a reliable and fast hair loss treatment has also increased and most of the hair loss remedies available in the market are originallyused to cure other illness. Since they are meant to treat other illness and only showed hair treatment as a positive effect, negative reactions are often expected when you start to apply or take the medications.

Here are some helpful tips about the different hair loss treatments available in the market. Be sure to read them carefully in order for you to be aware of the possible side effects of each treatment.

Remember to see your doctor first before choosing any hair lose medication. Consult them about your health condition and ask their professional and medical advice about treating your hair loss.

Known in its brand name as Propecia, Finasteride is initially considered as cure to prostate problems. And it has been observed that men experience hair growth while taking the medication. Because of this event, FDA approved it as a hair loss remedy.

Only two drugs are approved by FDA to cure baldness and Finasteride is one of them. However, serious problems like ED or erectile dysfunction, decrease in sex drive, fewer ejaculations after sex, and gynecomastia (which is the enlarging of the breast) were observed by men taking Finasteride.

Minoxidil or Rogaine as its market’s name is the other drug approved by DFA to treat hair loss. It used to be a prescription drugs but since 1996 and up to the present, you can buy it over the counter. The drug used to be a treatment for people suffering from hypertension but then some users claimed that they have experienced a growth in hair.
Unfortunately, the medication cannot be stopped that easily since it could lead to a rise in blood pressure which results to an irregular heartbeat and chest pains. Weight gain is also noticeable to users who continue the medication.

More like Finasteride, Dutasteride or Avodart is also a treatment for prostate problems. But it is not yet approved by FDA as a hair loss treatment despite that more people are supporting the drugs as a remedy for baldness. Also, it has been tested that Dutasteride have reduced the production of DHT by 93%. DHT or Dihydrotestostetone is the culprit for men’s baldness.

It has the common side effects of other prostate drugs such as ED, less semen amount, gynecomastia, and less sex drive.

Androgen Receptor Blocker
Androgen Receptor Blocker has many agents such as Fluridil, Spironolactone, and Cyproterone Acetate. It blocks the pathway of DHT or androgen. This way DHT will not combine with the receptor. The mixture of DHT and receptor loosens the attachment of hair in the scalp which causes baldness.

Side effects can be gynecomastia, ED, and worse milk flowing out your nipples.