Hairloss Medication

Hair loss for men is hereditary and cannot be prevented (while they are still in the womb, mother nature has designed them to be that way). Female, on the other hand, have a different issue since the loss of their crowning glory may be due to stress or other physical issues such as hair being pulled.

Men have more serious problem that is why different hair loss remedies are being produced and sold in the market made especially for their gender. However, only two drugs are approved by the FDA which is the Minoxidil and Finasteride.

Recently, Androgen receptor blocker was approved for human use. Known as Antiandrogen or androgen antagonist, it works by preventing androgenetic alopecia or male pattern of hair loss to continue. It blocks the passage way of androgen—which is the male sex hormone—or the appropriate receptor to mix with the baldness genes or DHT and spread thoroughly to your scalp.


One of the Androgen receptor blocker as a hair loss remedies, Fluridil is used in make ups and approved by the republic of Czech. It prevents or stops DHT to combine with the receptor. The solution did not showed any negative reactions in the body when applied. The hair growth after using the solution for nine months will increase for about 11%. The fluridil solution showed no negative effects when continuously used by male suffering from hair loss.


Initially used as a cure for hypertension and retention of fluids in the body, Spironolactorone was recently used as an androgen receptor blocker. Test showed that the 2% solution and 5% solution is an effective blocker of DHT-- the main reason for male hair loss—and other androgens that could affect the follicles in the scalp. It is applied through spreading in the affected areas and considered as steroid that reduces the retention of liquids in your body.\r\n\r\nUnlike Finasteride, Spiro can block the other passage way of DHT and binds with the receptor site for easier blocking. However, it has serious effects of gynecomastia which is the enlargement of the breast and cause more acne and skin problems. Worse is that some user find the odor of the solution quite odd and unbearable so they stop the usage of Spiro.

Cyproterone Acetate

Another suppressor of DHT and other actions of the testosterone, Cyproterone Acetate, can be used to cure prostate cancer, hirsuitism in pregnant women, hair loss by both gender, and decrease in libido or sex drive for most men who are sexually active and aggressive. The solution or drug works by blocking the movement of DHT to the receptor.

Unfortunately, it has been evident to most users that the most serious effect to their health would be the increase of their liver toxics. Men have worse side effects to face as erectile dysfunction (ED), growth of breast, and outflow of milk which is normally experienced by female will be the worst negative reactions you’ll experience. If you choose this as your baldness solution, you must be ready to look more feminine.

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